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Dangers of EMF Radiation

Electronic devices have become an inseparable part of our daily life. There are a variety of gadgets that have helped us to live in a better way and have made our work easier. But there are many harmful effects of these devices as well, one of them being the EMF radiation emitted from these devices which can affect your health severely.

The tissues in our body that are directly exposed to the radiations get excited, or in other words heated up. Studies conducted by IARC, a part of WHO have revealed that increased use of the electronic gadgets such as cell-phones and also other amenities of modern life such as wifi.

The symptoms that you may experience due to the dangers of EMF radiation are as follows:

• You can also observe skin problems like facial prickling, rashes and burning sensations.
• You may experience a number of problems related to the nervous system such as insomnia, excessive stress and fatigue.
• Pains and aches in the muscles can also be caused due to EMF radiations.
• You may also have problems in digestion.
• Anxiety, depression and other mental problems can also be caused.
• Infertility problems also have EMF radiation as their root cause.
• EMF radiation has also been found to cause different types of cancer and even Leukemia in children.
• Possibilities of a few minor symptoms such as problems in the ears, noses and eyes also cannot be ignored.

As you can see, the hazards of EMF fields are many and it is quite important to protect yourself and your family from these hazards.

So here are the measures that you can take for reducing the EMF fields at your home:

Use shielding wall paints: Shielding paints must be applied on the walls of your home which are common with the neighbors.
Shielding solutions for cellphone towers: If there is a cellphone tower within 300 meters of your home, you need to take shielding measures for that as well. This is because you will get direct EMF radiations from the towers in this case. However, if there are buildings between the tower and your home, the effect is automatically reduced and you don’t need to worry much about it.

Solutions for cordless phones: The EMF field generated around a cordless phone can affect your health to a large extent. So it will be better to use ordinary landline phones instead of DECT cordless phones. However, if you can’t do without the cordless ones, you can use low radiation phones or use shields to reduce the effect.
Use non-digital baby alarms: The digital baby alarms used these days have similar working mechanism as the cordless phones and should thus be avoided. You could use the non-digital ones instead, though it might be a bit difficult to find them.

For wifi: Most of us have installed wifi connection at our home. So what we should do in this respect is install hard wired routers. Linksys cable/DSL router, Netgear ADLS2 modem router should be used together with a dLan High Speed Ethernet Installation here.

Transformers: Transformers help in converting high voltage to low voltage for running different digital appliances. The extra voltage is radiated in the form of energy and heat. This is harmful for our body and can cause several negative impacts. You should always keep these transformers at a minimum distance of 2feet from the body.

Voltage: Your body has a voltage and it is maximum when you sleep. But it should be equalized with the earth’s natural Schumann based electric field that is under 350mV and kept stable at 2mV.

Replace old cathode ray monitors: Bid goodbye to the old cathode ray monitors and bring new flat screen monitors instead.

Electromagnetic field is also created due to hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, irons, televisions and other such appliances. Now, it is not really possible for us to live without these appliances. So, what you can do is use them in such a manner effect of EMF is minimized.

So these are the dangers of EMF and ways to protect yourself from it!

Why Does It Feel Like My Phone Is Vibrating When It’s Not

There’s no doubt that technology has helped us to connect to our near and dear ones better. But at the same time, it has brought a number of problems to our lives. One such problem is the phantom vibration syndrome that is caused due to the excessive usage of mobile phones. It involves the false notion of vibration of the phone when it is actually neither ringing nor vibrating. This may occur when the subject is engaged in some other activity distant from their phone or when they are carrying it inside their pocket.

Causes of Phantom Vibration Syndrome
The main cause for phantom vibration syndrome is that the brain becomes conditioned to hearing the vibration and the neural pathways are activated even when the phone does not ring. There are different factors controlling this symptom and they include the following:

• The number of vibrations or rings one is conditioned to: The number of rings or vibrations that a person experiences daily is a controlling factor for the phantom vibration syndrome. More the number of vibrations, more the effect caused. With repeated hearing of the same ring or same kind of vibration, the reverberations hit your eardrum quite a number of times. The neural loop keeps firing consequently. It may keep on firing when there is no such vibration or ringing and as a result you hear the ring or feel the vibration when it is not actually occurring in reality.

• The number of years for which one is subjected to these rings and vibrations: Today’s generation has been conditioned to these rings and vibrations right from their birth. As a result, they are more likely to experience this symptom as compared to the others who have used mobile phones for hardly one or two years.

• Chemistry of the Brain: The chemistry of the brain of an individual is another determining factor in this case. Things like genetics, neural activation and neurotransmitters play influential roles in causing this type of condition. Also, people with psychological anxiety and anxious predisposition have greater chances of experiencing this problem.

Due to the difference in the chemistry of brains, some people may experience these symptoms after using mobile phone for just a few years while others may remain unaffected in spite of using it for quite some time.

• Frequency of the sound or vibration: The frequency at which the sound or the vibration occurs also decides whether an individual will be subjected to phantom vibration syndrome. Usually the rings or vibrations which excite our eardrums lie within the range of 1000-6000 Hz. It is advisable to reduce the frequency as much as possible.

• The receptors in the skin: The skin receptors called Pacinian Corpuscles are mainly responsible for the sensation of shock or vibration. Whenever your phone vibrates within the frequency range of 130Hz and 180Hz, the vibration is sensed by these receptors and consequently a signal is sent to the brain.

Cures of Phantom Vibration Syndrome
So far we have discussed about the causes and reasons of the syndrome. Now it is the time to know about the methods by which you can cure it.

• Avoid using cell phones as much as you can: Begin it with few hours a day and slowly convert it into no usage at all. Decrease the number of calls per day to the minimum necessity and if possible keep your phone switched off.

• Turn off the ringer or vibration: You could simply turn off the ringer or vibration and receive calls by observing the lights glowing on your phone.

• Choose the Airplane Mode: Keeping your phone in the airplane mode can prevent it from ringing or vibrating frequently while allowing you to take emergency calls.

• Adjust the intensity of vibration and volume of ringing: You should also reduce the intensity of vibration and volume at which the phone rings. This will lessen the effect of rings and vibrations and consequently save you from the ill-effects of it.

Take these measures to prevent Phantom Vibration Syndrome and you will be able to get a healthy, peaceful life.