Causes of Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Researchers concluded after the first year of data analysis that greater use of the Internet was associated with more signs of loneliness and depression. Although this study later showed that the negative influence dissipated over time and with user experience on the Internet, concern over the impact of this technology on the psychological well being has been escalating, albeit rather slowly, to the extent that in 2011 the American Pediatric Association’s Council on Communications and Media reported that ‘‘Facebook depression’’ was a real and potential problem.

These early finding focused more on the uses and applications that were delivered by the new technology (ie; Facebook platform, chatrooms, user groups, text messages) and less on the electromagnetic delivery chain of the wireless signals that contained uploaded and downloaded data to the device. As devices evolved from large desktop devices to smaller handheld devices the impact on humans was left as an afterthought by many as the dazzling magic contained inside their powerful devices was too strong an attraction for them to question what was happening to their physiology when a permanent magnetic, electronic device was sending and receiving signals and waves and micro particles similar to how the magnetic field of the sun wraps around the earth we have begun to wrap our individual collection of cells that constitute our beings with a shroud of digital noise and electromagnetism that moves on the atomic level of vibrations and radiation.

Phone network companies and media conglomerates and large manufacturers of phones and devices act in a similar fashion that cigarette companies used the media to make us focus on how sexy a woman looked with lipstick and a Marilyn Monroe figure was when she slowly took a draw from a cigarette and let the smoke curl enticingly from her mouth and pursed her lips to blow the smoke into the air and flutter her eyelashes and took our attention away from the carcinogenic particles that were adhering to the mucus walls of the actresses lungs and causes genetic damage as well as cardiovascular breakdown.

It is too early in the evolution of the technology to yet determine the long term effects that Phantom Vibration Syndrome are warning us of but it is clear that the economy and current agendas of the world powers would not want anyone to raise a red flag to the potential dangers of cellphone use. For this reason the bullies who discredit this syndrome are ensuring that the status quo continues and the very network that makes their livelihood so lucrative will continue to operate for the short term goal of profit over the long term good of the human race.

One potential cause of PVS is the prevalent obsession that people have with their smartphones. Nokia research quoted in 2011 that on average, a typical smartphone or iPhone user will look at their phone 150 times per day. That is an average of almost once every 7 minutes. It is not difficult to understand that a person who is looking at, grabbing, touching and using their electronic device every 7 minutes will begin to develop and encourage obsessional tendencies but also to react similar to a Pavlov subject who is rewarded when a text message is received or the phone rings. The constant re-enforcement of reward from the smartphone makes the phantom vibrations become a tactile hallucination that the dog is hearing the bell, literally feeling the bell and is hoping to get their reward.

These studies and limited research tends to focus more on the obsessive manner of our relationship with phones and technology yet does not delve adequately into the other factors in the equation which is the actual electromagnetic signal and heat and radiation generated by these devices when we talk on the phone or when we send text messages and play games. There is significant potential that electromagnetic waves can do more than just disrupt sleep and cause physical changes in the blood brain barrier but that they can create an addiction in that the devices we are so addicted to are constantly receiving or transmitting low doses of radiation similar to microwaves and generate heat and are constantly within arm’s length of our bodies at all times. As we reach for our phones every 7 minutes were are being dosed in a shower of invisible radiation, a cosmic noise that operates on a quantum level and cuts through the spaces in our atoms with ease, bathing us in a magnetic fluid of digital energy.

There is nothing biological that resists the transference of properties when a subject to long term bathing or uninterrupted soaking in another. When invoking the states of matter we can assume to be solids and as such a solid will absorb properties of a liquid, gas or plasmatic material if soaked in it or bathed for long periods in the fluid or electro plasma. As when you sit in a closed room full of burning incense you will inevitably absorb the odor of the incense so will you absorb the radiation received and transmitted by your electronic device. The difference is that we will eventually leave the room filled with incense smoke but how often do we leave the electro plasma bath. We carry it with us to avoid the anxiety and depression of not having the signals surrounding us.

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