Treatments for Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Treatments for Phantom Vibration Syndrome are similar to cognitive therapy techniques for restructuring behavior in that the sufferer of PVS must change behavior patterns which have been reinforced over time. Before addressing the behavior, which mainly focuses on the time spent using the phone or device, there are some immediate techniques to cure phantom vibrations.

– Turn off the vibrations. On the settings of the phone the ‘Vibrate on Ring’ should be turned off so the phone will only emit a ring when a call is received and won’t vibrate. Also the ‘Vibrate on Silent’ should be set to the off so when your phone is set to mute there will be no vibration.

– Change the ringtone of your phone periodically to avoid an auditory conditioning. An example of how a ringtone can cause automatic emotional response is when someone who uses the generic ringtone like the Marimba iPhone default ring on their phone hears the Marimba ringing on a television show they are watching and they grab for their phone thinking it is their phone issuing the Marimba track.

– Reduce the amount of time spent on your phone. Checking the detailed logs of your phone bill is a good way to see the number of incoming calls were received on your phone which allows you to quantify the number of rings your phone emitted and the number of vibrations per month you experienced.

– Turn off your phone when you go to bed or better yet leave the phone off in another room. A phone receives wireless signals and even if the phone ring or vibration doesn’t wake you up there is still the flood of electromagnetic radiation that beams in to and out of your phone as the software receives, locates and renders digital signals. Keeping these signals away from your brain as it recovers during sleep is important.

– Avoid carrying your phone in your pocket or if you do need to carry the device in your pocket keep the vibration off so your neural paths don’t receive signals relentlessly especially if you are receiving high volume of calls.

– Scale back the overall usage of your phone. A complete cold-turkey fast is not essential but consider a digital diet where you reduce the electromagnetic calories you consume during the day. While many people find anxiety levels mounting with smartphone withdrawal if it is possible to go several waking hours in succession or an entire day per week without your phone that is a prudent recovery method.

– Use airplane mode when possible, no only will this reduce the actual vibrations and ringing of the phone but it will also reduce any likelihood of the development of any health problems stemming from radio-frequency electromagnetic field radiation. Evidence shows a possible link between brain tumors, especially “glioma” and EMF (electromagnetic field radiation) which smartphones and countless billions of warless devices depend on.

– Loosen up your clothing. If you carry your phone in your pocket consider wearing looser clothing. Looser clothing will not create a constant interaction between your skin and the fabric of your clothes as well it will allow more of a buffer zone between your device and your skin which will prevent the EMF (electromagnetic field radiation) from being in close continuous contact with your skin which could lead to cell damage and the potential for yet undiagnosed health issues.

– Reducing the cloud of electromagnetic field radiation that you live in by powering down wireless routers and network adapters in your home. Timers can be used to shut down completely the WI-FI transmitters in your home network. This will allow you to improve your sleep as there will be a reduction in the radio signals in the immediate vicinity of your nervous system. City dwellers are bombarded with electromagnetism constantly due to the proximity and abundance of cell phone towers, power lines, wireless zones and the city infrastructure that relys so heavily on digital beams of energy to function. People who leave the city for the country notice the sudden tranquility that seems to exist in the very air they breathe. A true silence descends on someone who is outside of the reach of the wireless electro-pulse. Sleep is enhanced and the brain functions are heightened in the clean, radiation free world of the countryside that is not being constantly pummeled by magnetic energy winds that create veritable tornadoes of buzzing energy in a city that the more sensitive people can literally feel the pressure of the energy overload.

– Customizing the notifications to personalize the alert or vibration depending on who is calling will help filter any vibration if it does occur when your phone is set to vibrate.

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