Treatments for Phantom Vibration Syndrome

– Airplane mode is again a way to help prevent PVS as well as is recommended for any sort of iPhone addiction in that it allows you to still have a basic camera, phone, game unit without being tethered to the cycle of alerts vibrations and incoming messages and calls.

– Keep your phone safely out of reach while driving. Not only are the dangers of texting and playing with a phone while driving very serious and well documented it also will help lessen any occurrence of phantom vibes during a time when all your attention should be focused on operating a motor vehicle.

– Use the buddy system if you can. Just as Alcoholic Anonymous and other twelve step programs rely on a sponsor people who suffer from phone addiction or phantom vibration syndrome can also recruit a friend or relative who understands or maybe even shares in their affliction. This will allow a person to have a kindred spirit in which to go through any anxiety or withdraw that reducing use and dependence of the phone will induce.

– Recent reduction in technology size has enabled smart watches like the popular Apple Watch to be more and more popular. Phantom Vibrations are now felt on the wrist of Apple Watch wearers. The same principles that create the false signal to be localized in the buttocks or leg because of the phones pocket placement is causing wrists to experience the same phantom vibration and tapping. The smart watches use the same combination of audible tones and vibration oscillations that phones do so smart watch wearers who receive vibratory alert messages should also turn off or silent the vibrations as much as possible. The adverse effects of having electromagnetic waves constantly being targeted to a device physically touching the skin needs further study but the dangers of the smart watch could outweigh those of the typical iPhone which is not worn directly touching the skin as a watch is. The phone danger is also that the user is placing the antennae directly on the skull when talking on the phone unless an extension microphone or earpiece with microphone is being used. Beyond the cure for PVS care and contemplation must be placed towards the harmful radiation damages that could be done to human tissue and psychology.

– Tap sequences on Apple Watches can mirror the self-gratification effect of receiving messages and phone calls. By manually tapping the wrist device to operate various functions the watch user is in essence doing a more serious and concerted self conditioning which is a tap engine hypnosis procedure. Similar to incessant masturbation, the watch wearers become unknowingly tantalized and enthralled with the tapping of their devices as it releases the same pleasure chemicals that they receive when an actual phone call or message is received from someone. If a vibration signalling a message arrives on the watch while the user is already involved in a tap sequence on the screen the reinforcement of the reward is amplified and there will be more potential for phantom vibrations to appear in the wrist and people will feel their wrist vibrate even when they are not wearing their watch.

– Use EMF blocking or reducing shields, clothing and adapters to globally diminish any exposure to electromagnetic transmissions or fields generated by wireless devices, modems, routers and towers.

Curing phantom vibration syndrome should involve a planned distancing from forms of electromagnetic radiation which is used in phone and watches and laptops and all communicating devices. The potential harm in these invisible energy waves have not been fully understood or explained. While most industry experts tend to downplay any risks involved in holding a cellphone to your head for hours the data has not had time to reach any valuable level of quantifiable pertinent information which would allow us to make an absolute declaration on the dangers of radiation in these devices. Logic should hint to us that feelings of hot flashes or phantom vibrations in our legs or wrists are a message similar to a severe mucous rich cough should tell a smoker that there is an issue with their physiology that is causing a detrimental reaction. If indeed our bodies are trying to warn us of some inner mutation occurring because of the constant electromagnetic pounding the cells and neural paths are receiving then it would be wise to listen to the whispers of our very being. Our survival and future depends on it.

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